Forum Rules

  • Don't create spam threads.
  • Don't message staff regarding support tickets they will be checked on a daily basis.
  • Don't necro post on old threads.
  • Make sure to put your posts in the right forum, suggestions should not be in off-topic (change idea if u want, just an example) (#)

In-game rules

  • Cheating is not tolerated.
  • Don't post other players IPs in chat.
  • Racism/Toxicity/Death Threats will not be tolerated and taken seriously.
  • Don't Block glitch/Pearl glitch
  • No insiding your faction.
  • No allying. (Does not apply to kitmap)
  • Don't grief around players claims.
  • Don't abuse any bugs or glitches.
  • Don't assist a cheater.
  • No Illegal trapping
  • Don't misuse /helpop or /report
  • Don't use spambots
  • Don't Kick and kill
  • No holding hostage
  • Don't freeze your minecraft
  • Don't PvP Timer/SOTW Timer abuse
  • Don't record screenshares.
  • Butterfly clicking is a used at your own risk.
  • Any packs that give you an advantage over a player is not allowed (Anti-Invis, clear lava, xray, etc)
  • Don't killboost
  • Don't DTR Boost
  • Don't DTR Evade
  • Do not kick and kill
  • Block/Pearl Glitching
  • Inappropriate item naming (/rename)
  • misuse of /helpop
  • No inappropriate faction/nicknames
  • Do not alt
  • Do not ban evade (Includes teamspeak bans too)
  • Do not build inappropriate things (like penis's, swastika, etc.)
  • Your account/IP is your responsibility.


  1. Don't waste staff time
  2. Don't go into teamspeak to appeal a ban, use support tickets.
  3. Don't be toxic towards our staff team.
  4. No soundboards


  1. No camping

Rules that apply to every platform/general rules

  • Do not advertise any link besides ones related to crusade.
  • Do not be toxic, Hate crimes, Dox/ddos OR threaten to dox/ddos (We take these very seriously, even if they were a joke), release personal information, death threats, server/staff disrespect, etc. (Fix grammar, just the idea)
  • Do not ask anybody to look at your application or appeal, it will be immediately denied if you do.
  • Do not spam
  • Do not lie to or impersonate staff.
  • DDoS/Dox is strictly prohibited and will result in a instant blacklist. (Not sure how this goes with 3 linse above with the general no dox/ddos, change as needed)
  • Don't sell in-game items for IRL money.


  • No VPNs
  • Do not clear
your recycle bin, record, or do anything during or before an SS